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WE HAVE 5 YEARS OF EXistence .

Africa Mother e.V is an charity that came into existence through Eunice because of the experience l have in African and Germany. In African as a teenager l was helping Children that don't have food to eat and clothes to wear, l was always there to help the less privileges children with the support of my parents, so l found Joy in helping people.

In Germany as an Asylum seeker l needed help in my appointments e.g Doctor, office and school for my children because of the language l have to go with some one that can speak Deutsch. Now as a citizen of Germany l decided to bring people from all Origins,men women, Family's and Teenagers together to formthis Africa Mother e.V.

On September 2019 Africa Mother e.V was officially registered. We have continued our project, program, social and community, basic degree of intelligence among the children and Family in our charity work, which you will see in the photos. Africa Mother e.V we care with love and empathy. We stand for human right and equal opportunities for those who are discriminated against.

We work with Asylum seekers and organise seminars to share knowledge with the new migrants. We help the less privileged back in Nigeria (children, teen mothers, Orphans and Widow). Our dreams is to help the less privileges children to go to school or to learn handwork and the widow to have a business they are doing. Only with your help we can archive our goals. Please help us to help humanity. Thanks and GOD bless you all.

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